Salmonella Cases
Khaleej Times on 4 September 2018

The Dubai Municipality has detected 800 cases of food poisoning, of which 180 cases were linked to salmonella bacteria, during the first half of the year...


a survey finding on food-borne illnesses showed that the majority of outbreaks were related to egg-based products … …


She said for safety reasons, hypermarkets across the emirate were asked to use pasteurised eggs when making desserts.

Live Science on 13 April 2018

On Friday (April 13), egg producer Rose Acre Farms announced that it was recalling about 207 million eggs.


With eggs, Salmonella contamination often happens inside the chicken itself …. That's because Salmonella bacteria can colonize the ovaries of the chicken and get inserted into the egg during egg formation, he said.


That means that even eggs that appear normal could have Salmonella lurking inside.

WA (Western Australia) post on 18 July 2017
WA is experiencing a surge in stomach bug illnesses, with more than 4000 reported so far this year …New figures show … 31 per cent more than at the same time in the previous two years.
Much of the surge has been fuelled by a rise in salmonella, with many … associated with eating uncooked eggs.
Report in Poland on 22 Oct 2016
... discovery that eggs (from Poland) infected with salmonella had been exported to a number of EU countries .... The infected eggs have been withdrawn from the market...
Food Safety News on 4 Oct 2016
... A Missouri cage-free egg producer is recalling all of its shell eggs in the midst of the second Salmonella outbreak linked to its operation in less than a year....
ABC News on 15 Aug 2016
... Eggs blamed for salmonella outbreak at Adelaide's InterContinental ... 21 people in hospital ... 71 confirmed cases from the cross-contamination or inadequate cooking of raw eggs .... post on 29 June 2016
Ministry of Health in Singapore is monitoring rising number of salmonella cases in Singapore
Salmonella can especially go to the ovaries of chickens. So inside the egg yolk, it could have the bacteria. If people just eat the half-boiled egg or raw egg, they an actually get the infection ...
Australian Institute of Food Safety on 17 Mar 2015
.... there have been 1,895 cases of salmonella reported in Queensland so far this year, a number that is over double the amount expected by health authorities.....
Report in www. on 2 March 2014
....The increasing incidence of Salmonella infections in Australia...
The most recent Salmonella outbreaks in Australia are raw egg-related
In February, 2014, more than 200 people were sickened after eating at a café ...
Report in SYDNEY MORNING HERALD on 18 May 2011
Family in Sydney poisoned by samonella ... Che, 3, and her 82-year-old grandmother, Deidre, ended up in hospital.
The bacteria's host was found to be raw eggs..... eggs are still responsible for more than a third of all food-borne outbreaks linked to the pathogen.
Report in USA Associated Press on 20 August 2010
....A half-billion eggs have been recalled in the nationwide investigation of a salmonella outbreak …..More than 1,000 people have already been sickened …
This strain of bacteria is found inside a chicken's ovaries, and gets inside an egg ...
The form of salmonella tied to the outbreak can be passed from chickens that appear healthy.