Salmonella Cases post on 29 June 2016
Ministry of Health in Singapore is monitoring rising number of salmonella cases in Singapore
Salmonellonis is generally associated with the consumption of contaminated poulty, meat and eggs
Salmonella can especially go to the ovaries of chickens. So inside the egg yolk, it could have the bacteria. If people ust eat the half-boiled egg or raw egg, they an actually get the infection ...
Singapore Ministry of Health
Extract from the Epidemiological Bulletin (Jul – Sep 2012) Issue
The Ministry of Health monitors all reported incidents of food poisoning and notifications of food-borne diseases
The predominant pathogen detected was Salmonella species
Salmonella has shown a significant increase in the pick-up rate over the years
Report in www. on 2 March 2014
The increasing incidence of Salmonella infections in Australia has prompted health officials Down Under to warn the public about the risks of consuming raw or undercooked eggs…
The most recent Salmonella outbreaks in Australia are raw egg-related …
In February, 2014, more than 200 people were sickened after eating at a café ....
Report in USA Associated Press on 20 August 2010
A half-billion eggs have been recalled in the nationwide investigation of a salmonella outbreak …..
More than 1,000 people have already been sickened …….
This strain of bacteria is found inside a chicken's ovaries, and gets inside an egg……
The form of salmonella tied to the outbreak can be passed from chickens that appear healthy. And it grows inside eggs, not just on the shell
Report in the UK MIRROR NEWS on 21 July 2012
Imported Spanish eggs containing life-threatening salmonella bacteria have been linked to an outbreak of the infection In England and Wales …….
Report in SYDNEY MORNING HERALD on 18 May 2011
Family in Sydney poisoned by samonella in Sydney restaurant. Che, 3, and her 82-year-old grandmother, Deidre, ended up in hospital. Deidre Burrows's stomach cramps were so violent they brought on a heart attack.......
The bacteria's host was found to be raw eggs. Between 2001 and 2008 the number of Australians sickened by egg-related salmonella outbreaks rose from 96 to a staggering 753.......
Eggs are still responsible for more than a third of all food-borne outbreaks linked to the pathogen.
Report in the NBC NEWS website on 20 October 2011
News broke last week that Minnesota health officials are investigating cases of Salmonella poisoning linked to organic eggs…..
Both children and adults became ill after consuming the organic eggs purchased at grocery stores ……