Egg Story Pasteurized Soft-Yolk Eggs (Hanjuku Tamago)
(for Commercial Users)
  • Japanese style soft-yolk eggs (with or without sauce) with velvety soft egg
             yolks and firm egg white. HanjukuTamago is a popular topping for Japanese
             Ramen and many other dishes.
  • Made from high-quality fresh eggs produced by N&N
  • High level of food safety as contamination is minimised through minimal human handling - automated           processes of boiling, cooling and peeling
  • No added chemicals or preservatives
  • Savings in time and labour to boil, cool and peel shell eggs
  • Perfectly formed soft-boiled eggs with firm egg white and yolk that is set and not runny but not too hard
  • Ready and convenient to use any time


- 20 pieces per tray

Store between 1 – 4 °C

7 days from production date